September 13, 2013

We purchased our 1st Great Dane from Tamara. He has just turned 1. As promised he is the best dog we have ever had. Smart as a whip and great with our kids and grand babies . Loves to walk and go where we go to greet new people. The experience that we had with Tamara has changed our lives. Her kennel is beautiful, clean and organized. All of her dogs were clean and healthy. Our dog Vinnie is a Fawn with Chocolate markings and is 160 pounds of gorgeous dog. Thanks again for introducing us to this breed, we will never own any other kind.



April 11, 2013

We have had our little girl for about a month now. She is alot of f un and a great addition to our family. This is the first Dane we have had, and feel we will have more. Tamara was very helpful and had the answers to all our questions. We really appreciate all her input on care and nutrition. We are so in love with our dog.



April 4, 2013

We purchased a Boston puppy from Tamara just over a year ago, and we are so happy with our decision. Our puppy has been perfectly healthy and easy to train. Tamara was more than willing to let us visit her home before we made our decision, and showed us around her kennels. She answered all of my (numerous) questions before and after we brought our puppy home and offered helpful advice and referrals. I also love the fact that she does the medical background testing and offers documentation to prove it. She feeds the dogs and puppies only high-quality food and treats, and keeps their kennel environment clean, even played music for them. If we were to decide to add another dog to our family, we would only want one of Tamara's puppies!



April 1, 2013

We just picked up our second Great Dane from Tamara and we couldn't be happier. She was available at anytime for questions and advice. She has a clean and warm facility for her "babies" - all very happy!



September 6, 2012

We purchased a harlequin puppy from Blue Diamond Danes in May. Penelope is now a beautiful, healthy 85 lb 5 month old. She is loving, bright and full of personality. She is very friendly to people and other dogs. Blue Diamond Danes allowed us to visit the puppies as often as we wished before bringing her home. The kennels were clean and well kept. All the dogs we met were very friendly. Tamara was very open and helpful. The lifetime support for her puppies is great. I would not hesitate to buy another pup here and would gladly recommend this breeder to other Dane lovers.



February 6, 2012

We purchased a Great Dane puppy from Blue Diamond Danes in October. When arriving at Tamara's, we were very happy to see how clean and well kept the animals are. We are so pleased with our Great Dane, and I would definitely recommend her as a breeder to anyone. Our puppy is growing great, and we have never had any health problems at all. I would purchase another puppy from her in a heart beat.



April 25, 2011

Tamara made the purchase of our Great Dane pup very easy. Having spoken with her on many occasions before our purchase, we realized how knowledgable she was and that this was not just a hobby for her but a very big part of her life. We are first time owners of a Great Dane, and we couldn't be anymore happy with our choice of choosing Tamara as a breeder. If you are interested in buying a Great Dane, look no further than Tamara at Blue Diamond Danes. We couldn't have asked for a better breeder, and we are very thankful to have found her.



April 29, 2011

We are more than happy to be writing a recommendation for Blue Diamond Danes! Tamara does a wonderful job of making sure the entire puppy selection process goes smoothly. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of what she does and was able to answer any questions we had about the breed. Her animals are gorgeous and sweet; obviously extremely well bred and very loved! This is our first time owning a Dane and we are completely thrilled with him! Thank you so much for helping us welcome our newest family member!

The George Family


October 11, 2010

I highly recommend Blue Diamond Danes to anyone looking to add a new puppy to their family. Blue Diamond Danes (Tamara) has been fantastic through the whole process.  From the moment we spoke on the phone to the day I picked up my little (soon to be big) girl I felt confident that I had made the right choice in breeders.  Tamara is extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions and give good direction on how ot care for my pup.  Thank you Tamara, for the happy healthy little girl!  Cindy



January 3, 2010

We recently purchased a Great Dane puppy from Tamara and could not be happier! Our puppy is very healthy, smart and easily trainable. Tamara was so helpful right from the beginning and continues to give helpful advise as we need it. We have had dogs from other breeders in the past and have never received the information and guidance that Blue Diamond Danes has showed us. They are highly educated breeders and provided us with ample information about our puppy and it's breed. They made our experience of buying our puppy easy and exciting! We are so lucky to have found Tamara, she is truly a professional and a great lady. ~Sam, Jennifer, Sydney & Sammy


January 12, 2010

My family bought our first Dane from Tamara. We have bought other breeds from other breeders in the past, but nothing can compare to the quality and pride that Tamara shows with her dogs and future families. She IS extremely helpful in making sure you are completely knowledgeable in the information you need, and her dogs are beyond MAGNIFICENT!! Our dog, Jello, has become our "most prized possesion". Tamara breeds nothing but the best of the best, and she takes pride in making sure you fit with the right dog. Her facility is AMAZING, and she is AWESOME about taking the time you may need to help you with questions and concerns. I had about a hundred questions with many emails and phone calls, and she followed through on everything, making sure we had everything we needed. We are forever Dane lovers because of Tamara, and you will find good breeders, but she is the BEST!! Thank you Tamara, from "Jello", Mark, Jessica, Matthew, Zoe, Cooper, Muskegon, MI


May 6, 2009

I have looked at the other reviews and there is not much more to say. Tamara was very helpful and we love baby Macy. I have called her with questions about many subjects to do with Danes and she is very willing to talk with me. Tamara's housing and upkeep for her darling Danes are wonderful, what more could anyone ask for?



July 19, 2009

I bought a Boston Terrier Puppy from Tamara in July of 2009. I had some concerns about flying the puppy during the middle of the summer. Tamara went out of her way to check with her veterinarian to make sure the puppy would not be harmed from the heat. She also communicated my concerns with the airline to make sure the puppy would make it safely to Arizona. When the puppy arrived he was very healthy and thriving.  He is very smart and is almost potty trained at 10 weeks of age. This is evidence of the time and effort Tamara took to make sure her parents and puppies are healthy.  She feeds the parents with high grade food which pays off when the puppies are born. It is hard to find a breeder who truly puts forth the effort into providing buyers with a high quality dog. She is also good about consistently communicating with the buyer through the entire process. I highly recommend Tamara Curtis for a good experience.



March 25, 2009

We had a great experience when purchasing our Great Dane puppy from Tamara. We visited her kennels ahead of time and met all of the adult dogs. They were so friendly! Our puppy is so sweet! He's not shy or intimidated by other big dogs (we have a 9 month old Rott). They play very nicely together. I would definitely recommend Tamara and her kennel if you are looking for a new Great Dane puppy to add to your family.



March 30, 2009

We were referred to Tamara from a friend who is on her 2nd Dane from BLUE DIAMOND DANES. I called Tamara she was very friendly and worked around our crazy schedule. We took the whole family out to see the puppies and I was impressed from the minute I saw the kennels. The Dogs live better than most humans do. My children played with the puppies and played with the adult Danes all were friendly and loving. We purchased a Black and white male from Tamara about 3 weeks ago and he is the love of our life, THE BEST PUPPY I have EVER had... so smart and loving what a snuggler. We are going away for spring break and Tamara has offered to puppy sit, now that is a GREAT BREEDER. She truly cares about each puppy this is not a business for her it is her passion. You won't be disappointed if you choose to use her. Thanks TAMARA we are fans for life..   



March 12, 2007 

Wonderful Great Dane Puppies!! Tamara thank you so much for all of your help throughout the puppy process. I have learned so much over the past months from you and am so happy with my puppy Layla. She has the best temperament and is extremely easy going. She is 10 weeks old now and has already completed 2 weeks of puppy classes and is excelling; she knows how to sit, lay down, and starting to walk well on the leash. We are working towards her becoming a therapy dog, and she is doing wonderfully. Everyone who meets her is so impressed on how well behaved she is and good natured. You were such a pleasure to deal with and you answered all of my hundreds of questions before getting Layla. I really appreciated all the time you took with me and my dog. I would recommend you to anyone who is interested in a wonderful puppy. I know I already want another Dane!! =) Thanks so much!!!

Carly and Layla

March12, 2007

Exceptional Dog from a First-Class Breeder! It is without hesitation that we recommend Tamara & Blue Diamond Danes for the beautiful, sweet, loving Danes she raises. Henry is an amazing puppy, he is healthy, gorgeous, & has a wonderfully calm disposition. We live in Maryland & had our puppy shipped to us via air. We were very anxious about shipping but Tamara answered our questions, took wonderful care to make sure Henry was comfortable on the flight & he arrived safe and sound. This was our first experience with not seeing the parents & kennel prior to purchasing the puppy. After reading the reviews and talking with Tamara we completely trusted her. We had lost our 10 year old Dane in January & were worried that a new puppy would not measure up! Well, Henry has certainly taken hold of our family's hearts including our 7, 5, & 3 year old children. Unfortunately, it will be quite a shock to him when he can no longer fit in their laps, under their beds or in their doll house! Thank you Tamara for our beautiful blue boy!


March 9, 2007

Very responsive and KIND! Reading over some of the other reviews for Blue Diamond Danes I have to agree with all of them on their positive ratings. I'm so glad we "happened" upon Tamara on the internet. She SO quickly responded to all our questions and e-mails and made us feel instantly at ease with adopting a new family member from her. You could tell by spending only a few minutes in her kennel that she loved her Danes. A very VERY heartfelt "thank you" to the Curtis's for breeding a sweet, wonderful, beautiful blue girl for us. After the loss of our 8 year old boy Dane last August, our home is again a happy place with love abounding! Thank you, thank you, Tamara!


March 6, 2007 

A God send Tamara sold us our first puppy over a year ago, we have a beautiful blue male, Vegas, who is a big part of our family. Two months after purchasing him we decided to get another Dane, we made a big mistake and bought one from another breeder. The puppy had many health problems from the start and that breeder would not guarantee the health of that puppy for even one day. We gave that puppy back and lost our $1,200.00 over the next year we always wanted another puppy because we love Vegas so much. I went online and was thrilled to see that Tamara had more puppies for sale. We now have a beautiful 8 week old female from Blue Diamond Danes and she is perfect! The best thing about Tamara, besides breeding sweet, beautiful Danes is that she is always there to answer my questions any time I call. I advise anyone who is not just looking for a dog but another member of the family to call Tamara she is an 11 on a scale of 10.

Angela Schwarz

February 25, 2007

Wonderful Breeder I think Tamara is a great breeder. I was very hesitant in buying another Dane as my first we had to put down at only 4 years old. She was very compassionate and trusting. She made my husband and I feel very relaxed in getting another puppy. Needless to say we love our new addition, she is a lover; great personality. Thank you for making this experience a great one.


February 24, 2007

Caring and Informative In one word...WONDERFUL!! There is no other way to describe how we feel about Blue Diamond Danes. Tamara went out of her way to make sure we had a great experience in purchasing our baby "Diesel". She was willing to answer all of our questions and always had time for us. Our puppy is so well behaved and I couldn't have asked for a more handsome boy. Thank you so much for everything you have done. We will be back in the future!!!

Shelly & Marcel Begin

February 22, 2007

A wonderful experience for a first time buyer! Thumbs up Tamara. You made buying Rocky a fun stress free experience. He is the perfect addition to our family. We could not have found a better puppy. When I started looking on the internet for puppies my head started to spin with all of the different breeders out there. You always wonder who you can trust, and you are that person. We all thank you for being such a great person, and for breeding such great dogs. Thank you very much! 

The Nelson's

February 22, 2007

Cares about her Great Danes! Blue Diamond Danes has tremendous care and compassion for Great Danes as well as wanting to maintain the integrity and dignity of this awesome breed. I recently adopted one of her beautiful Merlequin puppies. Tamara, through our conversations, helped me select a puppy that would do well in my home and in my future aspirations to work in obedience and agility with my new baby "Jana". I feel one of the best things about Tamara is that I know she will be there for me if I ever have any questions or concerns - or if I want to share Jana's triumphs. My entire experience has been positive. As far as the quality of her Great Danes, I think my vet said it best when she saw my baby..."Now that's a Dane!"

Anonymous “C”

February 22, 2007

The greatest Great Danes - Tamara and John Curtis of Blue Diamond Danes are raising the greatest Great Dane puppies. The puppies and adult dogs are played with daily by Tamara and her family and they all have the best temperament. Tamara is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Great Dane breed. She will freely share her years of experience and knowledge of the Great Dane breed. We have had three other Great Danes in our lives and the puppy (Tessa) that we just purchased from Tamara is the smartest little girl we have ever had. We have three Grandchildren; ages 2,5,7, and they all love her. Tessa has had rides in a baby buggy and played cowboy and Indian in a small tent we have set up in the basement for the grand kids to play in. Tessa is absolutely marvelous with the kids and thrives on the attention that we all give to her. Bottom line; Tamara and her family, have the greatest Great Danes. You will gain a friend in Tamara and find the greatest Great Dane companion at Blue Diamond Danes.


September 21, 2006

HONORABLE! Thanks Tamara...we love our blue boy, Elliott. He is awesome and irresistible. You are indeed someone WORTHY of our TRUST and RESPECT. Your INTEGRITY is your trademark. Buying on the internet is sketchy, to say the least, but in dealing with you, not knowing you other than from reading all your A++ reviews, I felt very confident that I was dealing with an HONORABLE person. Keep it up, this is key!! You have earned your SOLID reputation. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, INDEED!!!


August 22, 2006

Tamara ,

We absolutely love our new baby boy. He was welcomed with open arms and an overwhelming welcome with love and lots of play time.  He is adjusting wonderfully and we have named him "Blue".  He has filled a tremendous void in our lives and he could not have arrived at a better time.  Thank you again for accommodating our getting him this evening and we will keep you updated through pictures and notes. Thank you again - he is the best.

The Grewals

July 26, 2006

We purchased 2 dogs from this breeder. We have a 2 year old brindle male and a 10 week old blue female from Tamara. She knows the breed, and we're very pleased with our dogs. They have fabulous temperament and they're absolutely healthy and gorgeous.


July 22, 2006

A++ BREEDER!  My Name is Richard. Our family has a son from Cosmo and Celene named Major. He was born Marrch 16th 2006. Our family would like to tell every one that Tamara is a great breeder and will help yo with any questions and make sure that her Danes are going to great families. I would like to say thank you to Tamara for all you do for your Great Danes. If you would like to watch Major grow up please go to MAJORDANE.COM. Thanks Tamara!

Richard, Amanda, Taylor, Alex, and Major

July 15, 2006

Someone who you can trust!! Tamara and her family truly love the Great Danes they have. Everything Tamara does is nothing but the best for the dogs! Her place is very clean and well cared for. Her organization with her dogs is very impressive. I purchased my Raven from her and will only buy from her. Her care and time that goes into her puppies/dogs is awesome and you can tell that in her dogs. She will pay endless amounts of money to make sure her Danes are healthy and up to date on everything. If you purchase from her, you will not be sorry!!

Rhonda Ols

June 7, 2006

Hi Tamara,

Just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful new addition to our family! We truly adore him! He is such a good puppy, not nearly as hyper as the other ones we have met at the vet and around the neighborhood. His temperament is just amazing! Dan let him sleep on our bed last night, *grin*, but I told him that he can’t do that because when he gets bigger we won’t be able to get him off! The whole family is just in love with Maximus! Everyone, even the baby, loves him! And he is extremely gentle with the baby. He was just amazing, even the vet techs praised him for being so good and well behaved.

Char & Dan Hammett


May 27, 2006

Tamara and John, I wanted to thank you again for Diesel. He is getting so big. We love him so much. I am sending you more pic’s of him as he grows. We have him in puppy school right now and he is doing so well. His teacher says he is a very smart dog and he is ready to graduate soon. My family and I are very happy with him and again we thank you. Thanks

Amanda Jansky

May 22, 2006

Dear Tamara, You may remember us frame last March when we came to get Jack, (from Cosmo's litter last year). We have been very pleased with our new family member. Jack has been wonderful. I read your Web Site and I have to confess that I felt the same way as your husband did about getting a Great Dane, but Jack and I have become fast friends. We have become so close that Brenda actually became a bit jealous and went and adopted another Great Dane puppy from a local rescue. Caesar came to us Very Unhealthy though. We learned our lesson about working with a reputable breeder such as Blue Diamond Danes. However I am pleased to report that both Jack and Caesar are very healthy and happy. Jack has adopted Caesar and participates in taking care of him as if he were his own puppy. Thank you once again for turning us on to this wonderful breed.  Thanks Again,

Neil Schoenherr

May 16, 2006

Excellent Reputable Breeder of Integrity!!!!!!!!! We have had our beautiful blue Dane female for a little over a week and she is HOME! Adored and loved by our family! Tamara is an exceptional lady with a genuine heart for all her dogs. She was a tremendous help to me leading up to the arrival of our new family member. Through our "talks" Tamara assisted me in picking just the right pup for us. Our Vet says this pup is exceptional in beauty and health! We are thrilled with her. Thanks so much Tamara and may God continue to bless you and your entire family.

Cindy :)

May 16, 2006 

Best Experience I've Had! Many thanks to Tamara at Blue Diamond Danes, and to Celene and Cosmo for such a beautiful pup. Tamara was very professional. The pups were cared for and obviously very, very happy and healthy. Tamara made it so easy I would recommend her, and a Dane, to anyone.


April 19, 2006  

OTIS - My family and I were looking for a puppy since our last dog had passed away. We had never owned a Great Dane and needed someone who could help us with the good and bad the breed had to offer. Tamara didn’t sugar coat anything. She helped us pick the perfect little guy (who is now a perfect huge guy) for our family. Otis is healthy, happy and such a blessing. We are thinking of a second Dane and I will only get one from Blue Diamond Danes.

JoAnn Anderson

April 17, 2006

Thank You!! Tamara Curtis, Thank you both so much for the puppy. He is growing so fast and we all love him so much!

Thanks again,


April 10, 2006

LJ is great! Tamara has some of the nicest dogs I have seen. I have a beautiful blue male who is now a year old named LJ and he has a great personality, excellent temperament and is great with kids. Tamara and John are doing something right because I couldn't have asked for a better dog. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in a Great Dane.

Tammie Ducker

April 10, 2006

Wonderful Buying Experience! Tamara was outstanding in helping us select our Great Dane, Nixon. She was very concerned about the home we were taking Nixon home to and the type of care he would be receiving. She recommended food, insurance, care, and follow up support with our new puppy. We could not be happier with our experience with Tamara and Blue Diamond Danes. She runs a first class kennel.

With All Sincerity.
Ryan, Jen, and Nixon Whiting.  

April 9, 2006

Compassionate, Educated & Reputable Breeder! We purchased our first Great Dane pup from Tamara 8 years ago. She helped to educate us as first time buyers (and would not have sent the pup home with us if she wasn't comfortable!) and sent us home feeling confident in caring for our new baby complete with a list of resources and a folder of information. She spares no expense in making certain her Danes are appropriately cared for and in excellent health. She believes in and adheres to standards for breed betterment and has been a wonderful support for us in raising our Dane and also having to say our final good-bye ... when it's time to purchase our next Dane, it will be from Tamara. We can't recommend her and her beautiful pups enough.


April 9, 2006

Thank YOU! Tamara is one of the sweetest Great Dane breeders you'll find out there. We've got 4 dogs from her and they're the loves of our lives. They've all been completely healthy and sweet since the day we got them and we'd never go anywhere else now. Thank you so much Tamara. Our dogs and our relationship with you mean the world to us :)


April 9, 2006

My Perfect Pal! I got my blue boy from Blue Diamond Danes around Halloween 2005. Luke is a great dog. I have not had any health related issues in the 7 months I have had him so far. I did allot of research about breeders and the breed in general and knew the right questions to ask my breeder, and also the right answers I was hoping to hear. She passed my test for sure. I would recommend that anyone else looking for a Dane in Michigan stop searching and buy one right here. She can help you find any color on the planet. Luke has been the perfect angel from day one. He was house trained in less than a week and all ready has full run of the house without any hesitation. He is quite a blessing. You can find out more about Luke and his journey through life at  


September 28th 2005

Hi Tamara and John, Well it's been about 9 months since we talked about Kimba the darling little blue puppy you sent us. And let me tell you I've never been so much in love in my whole life!  She's not so little anymore as you may well know, and she has the best personality in a Dane that I have ever experienced.  Is it the Blue or is it the Breeder?  We don't know but hope it is a little of both.  We hope that in the future you are still breeding because we only want to work with you.  The experience has been wonderful.  Thanks all of Our Love

Tom and Jacque Coonan

September 27, 2005

Quality person with quality puppies! Tamara is the best Great Dane breeder I know. She loves her dogs, and respects the love they give her. Money is no object when it comes to the health of her Danes, and she will only breed dogs of sound health and temperament. She extends an open heart to any one who owns or is even interested in the Great Dane breed. If you take home one of her beautiful puppies, you might just have to come back for one more later!


Tamara Curtis of Charlotte, Michigan
Owned by Danes Since 1995
(517) 543-9138 or

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